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If you’re DONE being grounded by ALL the things everyone says you HAVE to do, but which, somehow, never get you a business that WORKS (instead of an insanely expensive hobby)…

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The Departure Lounge is a free business development group exclusively for coaches and consultants who want to get high-end clients based on their own unique goals and genius.

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Wouldn’t you like a gift for the road?

You know that thing that happens? That thing where you’re exceedingly talented, exuberantly driven, and exhilaratingly poised to make a real and important difference in the lives of your people?

If they would just hire you.

You’ve done everything you can think of to make sure that your best, most perfect potential clients choose you instead of your competition. And yet. Somehow. Sadly. They don’t.

I hate that thing, don’t you? Let’s fix that.

The good news: there are powerful reasons why you really are the best choice for your ideal clients. But they won’t know them if you don’t.

The better news: you got this. You have the answers inside of you. What you need is a clear method for extracting them and a framework to put them into.

The very best news: I have made that exact thing for you: Becoming Irresistible-The Secret to Being Your Clients’ First Choice.

Just don’t leave it up to your perfect prospects to do the hard work of figuring out why you are perfect for them.

Because, it is very possible they simply won’t bother.

Let’s make sure that never happens again, deal?

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